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GLA 200 AMG Line 5dr Auto
148 g/km

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Mercedes Benz GLA Class Hatchback Leasing Deals

The GLA-Class is a small SUV based on the A-Class, but it is stronger and taller as well as more expensive. As a lease option, it comes with a couple of diesel engines and three petrol engines. It also comes with good suspension on all of the models, and there are different modes to choose from, like Sport. Grip is good, and it’s confident in corners. With a four-wheel-drive version, you can tow up to 1,800 kg.

The interior is stylish and slick, just like the A-Class. Support in the driver’s seat is good, providing a comfortable driving experience, and while visibility is not great, a reversing camera is included as standard. For the infotainment system, the 7-inch display is well positioned on the dashboard so it’s easy to operate. You can also use the rotary dial between the seats to control it.

The GLA-Class has lots of space up front, but it is not so great in the back. There is not a lot of legroom or headroom, but it’s certainly not a squeeze. It also comes with a range of equipment as standard including cruise control, air conditioning and alloy wheels.