Abarth Car Leasing Deals

Abarth & C. was first founded in 1949 by Carlo Abarth and Guido Scagliarini.

Carlo Abarth became a legendary figure in the motor racing sector through racing motorcycles and cars and then turned his attentions to building powerful and high-performance racing cars. These agile, modified cars, with Carlo at the wheel, had great success in every competition they entered and broke record after record.

In 1971 Carlo sold Abarth to Fiat and in turn, Abarth became Fiat's official racing department.

Today Abarth still retains its pedigree with its focus firmly on performance with its current range of sports cars that includes the 595, 695 and the 124 Spider. These agile and powerful adaptions of Fiats popular models boast unique styling and craftmanship combined with power, control and performance.

Why Lease an Abarth Car?

Abarth may not be the most well-known carmaker on the planet, but it’s got a legion of fans and it is a great choice the next time you are considering leasing a car.

It has a long and exciting history that goes back over half a century when Carlo Abarth launched the company after a career spent racing. This is the same Carlo Abarth who raced the Orient Express over 850 miles on a motorbike and won. As such, racing was built into the DNA of Abarth from its foundation in 1949 with the release of the 204 A Roadster, which went on to win the 1100 Sport Championship.

Ever since the release of its first model, Abarth has boasted a philosophy of performance, speed and power. It also started to produce tuning kits to boost performance right from its earliest days alongside the cars it made. As such, Abarth has long been associated with some of the most exciting cars available, which makes them a great option for anyone considering leasing a new car.

Abarth has always focused on producing small cars that are fast and agile, and while speed and racing are very much in its DNA, its cars are also ideal for city driving. They have a sporty look and feel, which makes them a pleasure to drive, but they are also practical for driving around town as well as powerful enough to perform on the motorway.

Abarth has been responsible for some amazing cars over the years, including the 1956 Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato 
and the 1975 Autobianchia 112 Abarth. It also saw something of a rebirth in 2007 when it launched the Abarth Grande 
Punto and the Abarth 500 the following year, which is now available in a large number of editions.

Its current lineup includes the 595 and 695 hatchbacks as well as the 124 Spider Convertible, which all carry on the tradition of fast, powerful and beautiful cars that have long made Abarth’s cars popular for leasing.

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