Polestar Leasing Deals 

Polestar is a Swedish brand that was founded in 1996 with Flash Engineering, a racing team competing in the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC). The team was later sold in 2005 and rebranded as Polestar Racing, and in 2009 became Volvo’s official partner to modify existing models. Later in 2015, Polestar was bought by Volvo which then allowed for Polestar enhanced to be offered direct from resellers.

The first Volvo/Polestar concept came in 2009 with the Volvo C30 Polestar Concept, this was a powerful hatchback boasting a 2.5L 5 cylinder engine that produced 450hp. Many more concept cars came out, however Polestar also launched their own cars under their brand with the very first coming in 2018 called the “Polestar 1”. Now Polestar has a few different models available and we’re happy to offer competitive rates on their latest models.

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