Honda Car Leasing


Honda (Honda Motor Company) is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation better known for manufacturing automobiles, motorcycles, power equipment and even aircraft.

The first production car from Honda was the S500 sports car, closely followed by the T360 in October 1963, and the company has since grown to become the world’s largest manufacturers of motorcycles and one of the globe’s favourite automobile manufacturers.

Although Honda is a Japanese company, founded by Soichiro Honda in 1948, Honda hold many manufacturing facilities throughout America and from this vantage point launched their first car, the Honda Accord in 1976. Since its release the Honda Accord soon became a best seller in its class worldwide, with 8 million being sold in the US alone.

By the Mid 90’s Honda totally revolutionised the automobile industry by launching the Honda CR-V, a so-called crossover developed to target those who enjoy a recreational and active lifestyle.

The official company slogan stands for “The Power of Dreams” with its focus on innovation, quality and dependability. Honda’s range is no where near as vast as other vehicle manufacturers, but its sensible range is primarily focused on the family orientated market with popular models such as the Civic, Jazz, CR-V, HR-V.

Why Lease a Honda?

When it comes to reliability, Japanese car manufacturer Honda is hard to beat. It’s therefore no surprise that Honda is one of the most popular options when you decide to lease your next car.

Honda is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. It has a history of carmaking that goes back to 1976, and while this is not as long as many of the other large carmakers, Honda has certainly made an impact over the years that it has been operating. This began with its very first car, the Honda Accord, which announced its arrival on the scene and became a worldwide bestseller. Innovative from the start, Honda has kept up its reputation for innovation and style while never losing its focus on reliability. It is this dependability that, above all else, makes Honda such a popular option for leasing. People love their Hondas because they can rely on them.

Hondas keep on going for longer than many other cars because they are high-quality vehicles that are made to last. As well as reliability, Honda vehicles also boast excellent fuel economy. Fuel economy is excellent across the range, and most of its cars are very efficient. Its cars are also known for being very safe. Honda’s cars pack in plenty of safety features and all the latest tech to keep you safe on the road. Cars like the Civic and the Odyssey are particularly recognised for their safety.

Honda also has lots of variety across its range, from small compact cars right up to large SUVs. Popular models include the Accord, Acura, CR-V, Civic and Jazz. Honda continues to sell millions of cars every year, and this is a brand you can trust when you lease your next car. So take a look at the Honda range and start thinking about which Honda you want to lease next.

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