Kia Car Leasing Deals

Kia is part of the Kia Motors Corporation or more commonly known as Kia Motors with their headquarters based in Seoul. 

The world-famous South Korean automotive company KIA was originally founded in 1944 focusing on the manufacturing of bicycles and motorcycles until choosing to make the life-changing decision of introducing their own line of cars and trucks in the 1970’s.

For some time, KIA was an underdog within the automotive industry, however, with some hard work and big changes the company has grown to become one of the top players within the world of automobiles and are in fact Korea’s second-largest car manufacturer following Hyundai.

The Kia range has since grown exponentially and especially in popularity, with models such as the Sportage, Ceed, Optima and Stonic, being distinctive, reliable, modern and affordable vehicles, they have become a very highly sought-after car for leasing.

Why lease a KIA?

Kia is the second-largest car manufacturer in South Korea, and it is known for its stylish, high-quality and affordable models. It has a long history of manufacturing cars dating back to 1944, and over the years it has rapidly grown its market share, mainly through consistently producing vehicles that are popular with a large number of motorists.

Models like the Ceed and Sportage have proven to be huge hits for Kia, which now boasts a large lineup of vehicles with everything from MPVs to estates and saloons. This ensures Kia has something for every driver, adding to its appeal.

Kia models are known for including a lot of features as standard rather than charging more for them, which is one of the reasons its cars are so popular for leasing.

Kia is also known for producing incredibly safe cars. Its vehicles nearly always include state-of-the-art safety features like Electronic Stability Control, which is true even of the most affordable models in its range. As such, you can be sure that you are taking the safety of you and your passengers seriously when you lease a Kia.

You will also find that Kia has a strong focus on high-quality vehicles that are stylish and capture attention. These are cars that are designed to get noticed, but most Kia models will still be available at more affordable prices than similar cars from other manufacturers, which is a winning combination for drivers.

With such a large lineup of vehicles, it’s easy to find the car for you. This includes SUVs including the Soul, Sorento and Sportage, hatchbacks like the Forte5 or hybrids like the Niro and the Soul EV.

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