Seat Car Leasing Deals 

SEAT is a Spanish automobile manufacturer that was founded on May 9th, 1950 by the Instituto Nacional de Industria, a Spanish state-owned industrial holding company. After its foundation it wasn't long until Seat grew to become the largest and most highly sought-after supplier of cars in Spain, leading to the Spanish government selling the company.

Today SEAT remains one of the more popular automobile manufacturers, not only in Spain but worldwide, presenting an ever-growing collection of vehicles that all boast fantastic reputations for blending sporty exteriors with immense efficiency and economy.

Within the SEAT range, there are cars to suit all, including the multi-award-winning Ibiza and Leon hatchbacks, the highly praised Ateca SUV and the Cupra Ateca SUV that have recently gained great admiration within the motoring industry.

A Seat lease deal with Blue Chilli opens you up to the entire range of cars and includes a variety of options that are carefully negotiated to provide you with some of the best personal and business leasing deals on the market. 

Why Lease a Seat?

Spanish manufacturer SEAT is one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe, and its cars have long been a popular choice for leasing. Sporty, stylish and offering excellent value, SEAT’s popular cars are a great option when you lease your next vehicle.

SEAT is owned by VW, and many of its cars are based on VW vehicles, which can only be a good thing. They have an excellent reputation for quality and reliability, and there are several budget options if you want to get your hands on a cheaper car that you know will perform.

One of the most popular cars in the range is the SEAT Ibiza, which is a good all-round car that is a common sight on the UK’s roads. This car is built for fun and style, and it is not expensive so it offers great value for money. It’s based on the VW Polo hatchback, but it’s cheaper and arguably more stylish.

The Arona is another popular car in SEAT’s range. It has the same structure as the Ibiza, but it’s larger and more practical so it has all the benefits of the Ibiza with some added extras. Running costs are low and handling is sharp, making it a popular choice for leasing.

The Leon is a hatchback that is another of SEAT’s most popular cars for leasing. Not only is it spacious and stylish with a large range of engines to choose from, but it’s also affordable.

Or you might prefer to lease the Mii, a popular city car that offers great value and lots of trims to choose from. If you want an SUV designed for families, the Ateca is a great choice.

These are just a few of the cars in SEAT’s range, and there are many more to choose from, making SEAT a great option for anyone leasing a new car.

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