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G400d Edition 5dr 9G-Tronic
281 g/km

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The Mercedes G-Class is an old-school style SUV that is certainly not the cheapest vehicle around, but it is incredibly popular. It comes with just two engines, and it’s slow to accelerate with the diesel engine, but it’s a solid off-road vehicle. It may be a bit bumpy and the steering is heavy, but it’s fun to drive and it has some serious power behind it.

You’ll be high up with a commanding view in the G-Class. As you would expect, visibility is excellent, even though it’s not great out the back. However, the reversing camera helps here. Electrically adjustable seats and steering wheel are standard, so it’s very easy to get comfortable.

It is a large vehicle, but inside it actually feels quite small. There is a good amount of legroom and headroom up front, but there’s not much space in the back, and the legroom is not very good. A huge boot provides plenty of storage space, and it is also well-equipped with lots of airbags.