Skoda Car Leasing Deals 

Superb Estate Factory Ordering Closes 24th August 2023 - 
Superb Hatch Factory Ordering Closes 12th September 2023 - 
Scala Closed for production awaiting New Model Release -

Kodiaq & Kamiq are also closed for production due to New Model Release,

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Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klemend founded Skoda in 1890, with the company originally specialising in manufacturing bicycles and motorcycles before eventually progressing to producing automobiles in 1905. Ever since releasing their first models the company has been turning out cutting-edge technologies and innovations that continue to impress the motoring industry today. It is not unpopular for car companies to origin from bicycle companies, with many other of the world's most renowned automobile manufacturers also starting in this way.

Today, as part of V.A.G, Skoda offers a vast range of vehicles, all of which are premium and affordable. The company takes pride in all of their models, ensuring that they are as superior as possible. This is easy to notice in the new Kodiaq SUV that boasts a dynamic shape and sharp lines. Other popular models within the company's modern range include the Citigo, Fabia and Octavia, with all models available for lease.

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