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Lexus identified by the two-letter acronym LS standing for luxury sedan is engineered for performance and luxury, driven by cutting edge hybrid technology. It is one of the newest luxury car brands in the world, originating as a luxury division of Toyota and founded by the legendry Japanese industrial Eiji Toyoda, who is famous for the worldwide prominence of Toyota. 

The public were first introduced to the Lexus brand in 1989, with the first model rolled out by the company being the Lexus LS 400. The LS 400 was a master piece of sophistication and luxury that at the time, sent out a clear message to their rivals that the competition had risen within the luxury vehicle market.

Among luxury car brands Lexus stands out for its fast-paced growth, with the relatively new brand already the fourth largest car maker in the world after BMW, Mercedes and Audi and the most selling car brand in Japan.

Leasing a Lexus opens an opportunity for you to receive unbridled luxury, impeccable performance and a seamless driving experience within a car that has efficiency, safety and reliability at its core.

Why lease a Lexus?

Launched by Toyota in 1989 as its luxury car line, Lexus quickly made a name for itself and has become one of the most popular luxury car brands in the world.

There are lots of luxury car brands to choose from when you are leasing a car, but of all the luxury brands, Lexus has developed a reputation as one of the most reliable. In fact, Lexus makes some of the most reliable cars you can get, with models like the CT 200h standing out.

Part of this is because Toyota also has a good reputation for reliability and durability in the industry, and Lexus builds upon this. When you lease a Lexus, you can be sure that you are leasing a vehicle that will run smoothly and won’t cause you problems.

Lexus has launched many popular models over the last few decades, most of which have boasted sleek and stylish designs that instantly stand out. Cars like the ES Sedan and LS Sedan have proven to be incredibly popular.

It now has a wide range of models in its portfolio. With SUVs like the NX, sedans like the IS and coupes like the RC, it has something for every motorist. You can even opt for a hybrid with better fuel efficiency.

Driving a Lexus is a very comfortable experience. The interiors are luxurious and stylish, and you will find that the noise level is very low, creating a genuinely refined driving experience. When you drive a Lexus, you can be sure you will enjoy yourself. Superb performance comes as standard, making a Lexus perfect for anyone considering leasing a luxury car.

As you might expect from a luxury brand, a Lexus comes with lots of premium features like excellent sound systems and stylish touchpads that are easy to use. With the Lexus app, you can do things like unlock or start your car using your phone, making the experience of leasing a Lexus even more enjoyable.

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