Audi Leasing Deals 

“Vorsprung  Durch Technik” Or “Be ahead with technology”

Audi is the renowned manufacturer of fine cars based in Bavaria, with manufacturing plants worldwide.

The four rings denote the amalgamation of four companies, which formed Audi, who has been at the forefront of design, technology and creating luxury vehicles.

They introduced the Quattro, being the first four-wheel drive car, which set the rally world on “fire”. The experience and knowledge gained from this engineering are used extensively on all the Audi cars that are built today. With innovation at there core, Audi continually looks to advance their cars, currently by introducing fuel-saving injection engines and the new range of electric powered motors.

Our Audi leasing range is comprehensive with performance cars from Coupes, the Q’s, 4x4’s and saloons to the small but smart hatchbacks available with manual and automatic options in petrol or diesel engines and interior specifications all available for Lease from Blue Chilli Cars.

Why Lease an Audi?


The name Audi is synonymous with quality. Driving a new Audi is something that many motorists dream of doing but never manage. Now you have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a brand-new Audi complete with all the best equipment and technology, without having to worry about the problems that come with buying and owning a new car outright.

Audi is responsible for some of the most desirable vehicles on the road right now, from the high-performance RS range to the luxurious 8 Series. It also has a line of popular SUVs, as well as the e-Tron electric vehicles, so there is something for every motorist.

Audi has a history of innovation that stems right back to its roots. Founded in 1916, the prestigious carmaker has been responsible for making some of the most desirable luxury cars and sports cars over the last decades, and many of its cars have been huge hits.

If you want to experience the thrills of driving a brand-new Audi, you can, with our Audi leasing and contract hire options. When you lease an Audi from us, you can take your pick from all the latest models and the best trims. Get your chosen colour and all the kit you want and enjoy driving a car from one of the best manufacturers in the world.

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