Peugeot Car Leasing Deals 

Peugeot was founded in 1810 when it was credited for being one of the founding members of Western’s Europe motoring boom. The company was founded as a family business in Sochaux, France by Armand Peugeot, Jean-Pierre Peugeot and Jean-Frederic Peugeot.

Originally the company venture saw the product of saw blades, umbrella frames and various other tools until 1882 when the factory started producing bicycles. This rapidly grew until 1891 when Armand designed their first propelled vehicle, using a Daimler engine and by 1896 the company had produced a line of 10 cars. A decade later Peugeot engaged in a strategic partnership with Volvo and proceeded to buy 90% of Citroen. This incorporation led to the manufacture of the famous Peugeot 205 which turned in to great success not only within the World Rally championships but as one of the best road cars of the 80’s.

With its major inventions, Peugeot has written some of the greatest pages of automotive history and with the new challenges that the 21st century presents. Peugeot continues to impress, now offering a more diverse range of high-quality vehicles than ever before.

Why Lease a Peugeot?

The French car manufacturer Peugeot has a long and prestigious history. With its roots going back to the early 19th century, it has been around for a long time, and it has long been a popular brand for leasing in the UK and around the world.

Its reliable cars and its long history have made Peugeot one of the most trusted manufacturers in the market, making it a great choice when you lease your next car

Part of Peugeot’s appeal lies in its large range of models, so there is something for every motorist. Whatever you need, you’ll find something to suit your lifestyle when you choose a Peugeot.

Its cars are not only packed with the latest tech, but they also have a strong safety record. They are also known for being easy to maintain and fast to repair, with replacement parts being easy to find, all of which makes them a great choice.

If you are looking for an affordable car to lease that won’t disappoint, Peugeot has something for you. Its cars are very affordable, especially the smaller models, and they are also simple and reliable. 

One of its most popular cars for leasing is the Peugeot 108, a small, affordable and reliable car that is ideal for city driving. For something larger, the 308 estate could be the best choice. This large family car also comes with a large boot to make it particularly practical. Or choose the 208 GTi, a sportier model that is fast and fun while also boasting low emissions.

Overall, Peugeot has a good reputation for strong cars that are well-built and have excellent handling and comfort. Peugeot makes some of the most reliable cars on the market, and they are affordable too. If you want to lease a car that you can rely on without going over your budget, Peugeot is a great option.

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