Renault Car Leasing Deals 

Renault is a world-renowned automotive manufacturer tracing its name back to the 19th century.

Founded in France by Louis Renault, partner of Renault Brothers, with the Renault Voiturette becoming the first car ever produced and made public by the company, and ever since the company has boasted non-stop growth thanks to their formidable vehicles.

The automotive manufacturer is often celebrated for their cutting-edge designs and superb practicality, offering an immense collection of vehicles with options for all drivers. The company's vehicle line includes some of the most popular UK car models, such as the Clio and the Zoe. This is all alongside cars that are highly sought after amongst modern motorists including the impressive SUV’S the Kadjar and the Captur. The company even boasts an impressive history in motor racing, especially in Formula One.

Why Lease a Renault?


French carmaker Renault is one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers in the world. For decades, its emphasis on manufacturing practical cars that are effortlessly stylish has won it many fans, and it has launched numerous models over the years that have combined style, comfort and cutting-edge technology.

Its huge range of vehicles, many of which are popular choices for leasing, are associated with both high performance and reliability. Renault prides itself on providing practical solutions and a comfortable drive.

Popular models include the Mégane, Scenic, Captur, Laguna and of course the Clio. The Renault Clio is one of the most popular superminis you can lease, and it is one of the most popular cars in Europe by sales volume. Boasting a dynamic and modern style, the small but powerful family car has exceptional interior quality. Now in its fifth generation, it is still as popular as ever.

Renault has a long and illustrious history. Founded as Société Renault Frères in 1899 by the Renault Brothers, its first car, the Renault Voiturette 1CV, was a hit, and it has made many popular models over the last few decades including cars used by the military in World War I. It also has a large involvement in Formula One ever since it debuted at Silverstone in 1977 with the Renault RS01.

Renault is one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world. Its long history, reputation for quality and style and its large range of vehicles to suit every motorist means it will long remain one of the top choices for drivers leasing vehicles.

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