Lotus Car Leasing Deals 

Lotus is a UK based automobile manufacturer first formed in 1952 as Lotus Engineering Ltd, by Colin Dare and Colin Chapman.

The British sports and racing car company is renowned for pioneering the world of auto racing for over eighty years through using cutting edge technology and constructing innovative racing and sports cars for both on and off the track.  

Lotus were famed for the Esprit series 1, that gained popularity through appearing in the James Bond film, “The Spy Who Loved Me” which lasted in production longer than any other Lotus car.

Lotus continue to revolutionise the motor industry developing compact cars bristling with energy and feedback that feature stunning designs and exemplary performance. There has never been a better time to lease a road car that boasts the abilities of racing cars with models such as the elegant Elise, the agile Evora or the jaw dropping Exige and 3 eleven.  

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